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Breathe. Patience is powerful.

One of things I struggled with in my early days of running a dance studio was patience.

Impatience can lead you to think: “I’ll just quit and start something else. This isn’t working.” When really, it’s not working fast enough.

Becoming self-employed is one of the greatest examples of an activity that needs patience. In my personal experience & in my early studio owner days I was highly motivated to run a successful dance studio but things just weren’t happening quick enough. Advertisements would be launched and I was impatient when the new student enquiries weren’t coming through quick enough. One year it took the venue manager of our local theatre 3x weeks to confirm a date with me for our End of Year Concert. Potential new students would take days or weeks to reply to an email – if they replied at all! The worst wait of all is the slow build to consistent and stable enrolment numbers. Practicing patience and working towards calming our mind and letting things go which we can’t control certainly takes time! It does not happen in a day, or a week, or even two weeks. For some, it can take months and years. It is not a quick process to sustainable success but by having patience and the drive to commit to your goals for the long term is important. Sometimes we find ourselves not quite being where we had hoped to be but it takes patience to realise this won’t be forever and success is waiting for you. You will get there. You’ve got this!

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