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Stressed? Experiencing burn out? Keep reading...

As studio owners, we are bound to feel stressed at some point or another but that overwhelming feeling of burn out is real and can creep in at anytime.

It's debilitating and can have you feeling fuzzy, light headed, upset and generally not like yourself at all.

So how did we get to this point of complete overwhelm within our studio? This can happen for many different reasons and many of them will be personal and individualized depending on the person however one of the most common general ways we as studio owners get here is from mental fatigue and 'wearing too many hats'.

Delegating tasks can be tough for some business owners and one of the most common factors is cost - it costs money to hire staff to help take the load off you. Some business owners feel that by not spending, they will be happier with keeping more profits to themselves - however you usually do this at the personal expense of time. Time that you could be spending elsewhere in your business or more valuably for some in their personal life. By not delegating some of these tasks you are causing yourself stress and burn out and fatigue. What is the price you would put on to relieve some of this mental anguish? what is the price you would put on to take back some well needed family time? Is it $500? Maybe you could afford $1000? Or maybe you could use $5000 of your annual profit to invest in this time?

What if i told you that gaining back hundreds of hours of your time is as affordable as around $800AUD per year? What would you do with that time? Invest in back into your studio in order to create more leads? Maybe you could instead reduce your administration hours to be able to switch off your computer when you get home from the studio?

For around $800 per year you can have a team of highly experienced and inspired early childhood educators create a worldclass preschool program that will see your students return term after term and become lifelong students. With this you will also be able to professionally train your preschool teachers to be incredible leaders through the included online learning modules - and the best thing is you can continue to register each of your new teachers for the life of your membership! You will also have access to marketing tools, calendars and templates.

How much would this change your life and the flow of your studio? Check out a sneek peek inside the CDM Preschool syllabus and see for yourself why hundreds of studio owners are using CDM to lighten their load and reduce their stress.

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