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The main thing that busy dance teachers and studio owners notice when they become a CDM Platinum Member is the TIME and EFFOT they save in preparing their pre-school dance classes. We all know that preschool dancers tend to get bored easily and it is up to us to create fresh, new class plans paired with exciting music, engaging games and inspired ideas to keep them coming back to classes. Given this, it can be extremely time consuming researching new music, creating new lesson plans and exercises and the preparation alone can become a full time job. With a CDM Membership, you no longer need to research music or write down new choreography. Members receive new class plans directly to their inbox and all you need to do is open it up, share with your preschool dance teachers within your studio and relax knowing that the research and planning has been done for you. All class plans have been tried and tested on students before making the cut so you are guaranteed a lesson plan that works!

Would you like a free sample? Get in touch with our team now to have a free sample sent directly to you inbox!

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