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Are you ready to
grow your Pre-School Dance Program?

The Team at CDM know firsthand how hard you work as a busy studio owner and are here to help you claim back your time and create a bustling Pre-School Dance Program!

More than just a syllabus...

Crafted by industry professionals, the Creative Dance Method Pre-School Syllabus equips you and your team with all the tools to successfully operate a flourishing Pre-School Dance Program at your studio. And that's not all - the syllabus also grants exclusive access to a library of exceptional teaching and business resources within our dedicated Pre-School Portal, featuring...


Quarterly Syllabus

  • New theme every quarter

  • Instructional videos & teaching notes

  • 4x class plans & games

  • 4x ready to go playlists

  • Printable props

  • Activity sheets

  • Graduation certificate

  • Combines jazz, ballet, hip, hop & creative movement

  • Bonus tap exercises


Teaching Resources 

  • Preschool friendly stretching & terminology

  • Training guides

  • Teacher goals & reflections

  • Sticker charts

  • Milestone cards

  • Personal discount code to Creative Dance Methods shop (digital products only)


Business Resources

  • Pre-school teacher certification (exclusive to subscibers)

  • Enrolment form templates

  • Enrolment pack checklist

  • Business checklist

  • Branding for your preschool program

  • Yearly social media calendar & planner

  • 40+ Canva social media templates


Deliver Outstanding Results!

The thoughtfully crafted Creative Dance Method Program offers a comprehensive dance syllabus and curriculum deeply grounded in child development, aiming to ignite your dancers' imagination every step of the way!

This program seamlessly blends jazz, ballet, hip hop, and creative movement, providing your dancers with a enchanting initiation into various dance styles, all while fostering their foundational dance technique.

Invest in Your Studio

Did you know that cultivating a successful preschool dance program is the most effective strategy for long-term studio growth? A 3-year-old student who persists in dancing until they reach 18 years old could potentially become a devoted client for 15 years!


By providing the appropriate support, a captivating preschool syllabus, and employing your highly trained and inspired teachers, you can confidently ensure the sustained cultivation of your students' passion for dance over numerous years.


The Perfect Solution for Teams!

Studio owners can share the content with their teachers to ensure their team are delivering the same content across all of your pre-school classes which will streamline your services while supporting your teachers to be the very best early childhood dance educators. 

Say goodbye to expensive franchising fees!

The team at CDM know first hand how hard you work as a studio owner to build your brands reputation and we would never want to take that away from you! So when subscribing to our pre-school program there are

NO sign up feesNO franchising feesNO lock in contracts

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