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Pre-school lesson planning made simple.

Our Pre-School Dance Syllabus is designed to engage and excite your littlest dancers and has been created by leading experts in early childhood dance teaching. We have learned that by offering a pre-planned syllabus in your studio, you can ensure all of your teachers across your preschool program are teaching consistent content which helps you to build your studio brand whilst giving your teachers the confidence to deliver highly engaging content to their pre-schoolers!


We offer a no-ongoing subscription option, so you won't be locked into a long-term commitment. With a one-time payment of $175 for 60 days of access you will have everything you need to create electric lesson plans that keep your classes FULL! Never worry again about spending hours upon hours researching new music or choreographing dance exercises with this all-inclusive one-time purchase. Your one-time purchase includes:

- Instructional videos of our creators performing all exercises in the syllabus plus bonus teaching tip videos to help you deliver the content in a unique and engaging way

- Spotify playlist links for all music in the syllabus

- Printable props to maximise your lessons and engagement with your dancers

- 4x Class plans so you can easily rotate through the content keeping things fun and fresh

- Activity sheets and certificate of completion template for your dancers

Ready for an exciting adventure?

I have purchased the syllabus...

Hooray, so you have purchased your unlimited access for 60x days & you're ready for an adventure! Click the link below to take you to the syllabus page & start your journey.

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I want to purchase 60x days access...

It's time to accelerate your pre-school classes with the CDM dance syllabus!
You are just a few clicks away from unlimited streaming for 60x days of our highly engaging and exciting  pre-school syllabus.


“It was so difficult having multiple teachers creating different lesson plans and it made it impossible to find relief teachers who could seamlessly take over when someone was sick (or quit suddenly). It is so much easier having them all teach consistent content and they've found it so much easier not having to lesson plan anymore.”

P. Young, CA

Single puchase ylabus

Purchase a pre-school syllabus

No subscription required. Unlimited access for 60x days.

Outta Space Pre-School Syllabus



WAS $175... Instant access to the Outta Space Syllabus

Valid for 60 days

Funky Monkey Pre-School Syllabus



WAS $175!! Instant access to the Funky Monkey Syllabus

Valid for 60 days

Teddy Bears Picnic Pre-School Syllabus



WAS $175!! Instant access to the Teddy Bears Picnic Syllabus

Valid for 60 days

Save countless hours of researching, planning, choreographing, recording and designing lessons for you and your team. With a CDM pre-school program you can be confident that you and your pre-school teachers have access to highly engaging, age appropriate and exciting lessons that children LOVE!

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