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The do's and don'ts of preschool dance

Teaching preschool dance takes a completely different skill set for teachers and educators. All forms of communication nee to be adjusted to meet the developmental needs of younger children & teachers need to be mindful of their body language, verbal language all the while keeping students engaged.

In terms of your verbal language you need to keep in mind that younger students need for you to be direct and keep your words simple and to the point and if possible, use creative language that is playful an allows them to explore the movement in a creative way. An example of this would be instead of saying: "Point your toes", try "Show me your banana feet". Students can visualize a curved banana and attempt to curve their feet in the same way!

Terminology is so easy to make fun! And the more fun you make class and learning terminology, the easier life is for you! Like this post? Don’t forget to save it for later!

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