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Procrastination. We are all guilty.

I want to tell you a little story about the time I renovated my first studio. My husband and I couldn’t agree on a colour to paint the walls in our waiting room. I had a paint swatch with 3x different shades of grey on it. Each shade differed only slightly and I just couldn’t settle on a colour no matter how many sample pots I applied on the walls. My husband, who could see it probably wasn’t just the colours that were stressing me out, gently put his hand on my arm and said “Kate, you are procrastinating over colours that are only marginally different. When the wall is painted and your customers are sitting in this room they will have absolutely no idea of the different shades of grey you had to choose from. They will only see grey. Make a choice.” And just like that “Silver Treasure” #429 was selected and painted the very next day. And you know what… it looked pretty good. Would “Universal” #430 or “Dawn Frost” #447 look equally as great, yes most likely.

Something I have had to learn as a business owner is that if you put everything off till you’re sure of it then you’ll never get anything done. Sometimes you just need take a breath, look at the bigger picture, weight up its importance and then just make the decision. Procrastination will only delay the event, not time. And lost time is never found again. The funny thing with procrastination is that the more you procrastinate, the more you will find yourself struggling to make decisions both big and small. PRACTICE the art of decision making in a timely, considered manner and it will help you to be more focused and level headed the next time you need to make a decision.

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