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Motivation & your team...

As a studio owner and mentor, I am fascinated with the topic of motivation & I love the process of finding out what motivates people. If motivation is the process in which thoughts influence behaviors then you would assume that everyone is motivated by different factors as we are all unique individuals with different beliefs, upbringings, backgrounds, cultures and ideals. For those of you who employ staff then this is a particularly important topic for you because in order for you to have a team of dedicated, passionate and motivated individuals, you first need to ensure that you are creating an environment where they WANT to achieve satisfaction for themselves.

Are your team driven to work hard due to financial reasons? Perhaps they thrive on having creative freedom within their classes. A persons motivation may be inspired by their own internal desires such as the personal satisfaction they get by seeing their creative work performed on others or simply because they “live and breathe” dance! Other people are motivated by outside forces such as money, praise, rewards, gifts or promotions. No matter how your team are motivated, it is important to find out what this is and be sure to remember that it is likely to be different for each of your staff. I have spoken to many studio owners over the years who struggle with team motivation however on closer inspection, they haven’t really taken the time to find out what triggers them to work above and beyond in their given role. It may seem like a daunting and time consuming task (especially if you have a big team!) but by showing strong leadership and nurturing a highly motivated team to work with you, you will find huge improvements in your team morale, work ethics and overall enjoyment.

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- Kate

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