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International Dance Day 2022 falls on Friday 29th of April and dance studios and performance companies all over the world will be celebrating. Not only is this a perfect opportunity to share your love of dance, but as studio owners it is one of the BEST possible time to stand out and to show your community what sets you apart. Here are few ideas to inspire you this International Dance Day:

  1. Boost enrolments by offering a BRING A FRIEND week at your studio around this special event. Promote it within your studios newsletter, on social media, on local community forums.

  2. Encourage your followers to share a photo of them in a dancing pose on international dance day and tag your studio. Not only does this promote engagement online but it helps to boost studio morale and pride in your studio.

  3. Use the weeks in the lead up to International Dance Day to film a candid montage of students vocalizing WHY they love to dance at your studio. Edit the clips together using any video software and share it on this special day.

  4. Host a series of special workshops of dance classes with guest teachers to shake things up!

Have fun with this special day of dance and use it to your full advantage! There are so many ways to promote International Dance Day... how will you celebrate?

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