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Your studio has bloomed... now what?

I spoke to a friend the other day who was disheartened because her studio wasn’t quite as successful as she thought it would have been by now. In her words she hadn’t fully “bloomed”. Now, from an outsider looking in, I actually believe for her to be quite successful within her dance studio. She has a healthy income stream, regular enrolments and offers a fabulous service. I gently posed to her this, “You planted the seed a few years ago & you have now most certainly bloomed. No matter how healthy the plant, you still need to care & nurture it so it will continue to flourish.” So then what does it mean for a person to ‘bloom’ exactly? I would argue that it means for a person to simply REALISE their full potential – and this can only happen when there is no fear. If you have come to a point where your business has commenced, is up and running and there is fearless motivation inside you then yes, my dear, you have bloomed! Now simply continue to nourish, care for and grow your business to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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