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Enroll new students at any time through the year with these 7 tips

Here are 7 interesting ways you can increase your enrollments at anytime during the year!

1. Bring a friend day. Make sure you offer the trialling student a little discount or gift to "seal the deal"! It could be 5% off tuition, a free studio t-shirt or a $5 discount off your uniform range etc.

2. Offer a promotion upon registration. This could be in the form of a raffle where upon paying their terms fees, students then go in the draw to win 2x free recital tickets or a new studio uniform or dance shoes!

3. Contact local schools and see if you can host a discounted or free dance class to their students. Don't forget to give a flyer to the students who came along to come along to a free trial at your studio.

4. Set up a booth at your local shopping centre or school fair (handing out free class passes or going in the draw to win a terms tuition is a very appealing thing to have set up!)

5. Run a studio open day. This doesn't have to be at the start of a season either. Run a studio open day mid year, who said you can't?

6. Be flexible and offer online registration. Most studio software programs now have that option.

7. Social media advertising is great but running admin online promotion where you have to like, share and tag people to go in the draw to win a gift our discount etc. Make sure you reach out to everyone who was tagged and send them a message with a free class pass!

It's important to try everything when it comes to seeking new enrollments. Sometimes things will work and others won't so trying lots of different tactics are key!

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