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Teaching Dance - Empowered

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The CDM "Teaching Dance - Empowered" course is a mut-have short online course to set teachers up for successful classes. Empowered dance teachers are an asset to their studio. Consisting of 5x complete lessons, this self paced course is designed to be practical and beneficial for teachers of all levels of teaching experience who currently teach or are training to teach students of all ages from toddlers to adults. Lesson 1: Teaching Dance - Set yourself up for success - Five Star First Class - Why inclusion matters - The CDM Teaching Matrix Lesson 2: Your role in your team - 12 Terrific Traits of a Dance Teacher - Teamwork makes the dream work - 9x dos and don’ts of social media Lesson 3: Safety in Dance - Creating a safe studio Lesson 4: Cover all bases - Techniques for behaviour management - Emergency management - When accidents happen… - Dealing with difficult parents - Surviving separation anxiety Lesson 5: Reflection and Assessment - Assessment #1 - Assessment #2 Walk through the types of qualities and attributes that make up an incredible dance teacher; one who is empowered to be the very best for themselves, their students and their team.

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