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Certificate in Dance Studio Administration

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The CDM Certificate in Dance Studio Administration covers 7x lessons that are vital for anyone working in a Dance Studio Environment. Topics covered in the course will ensure workers are confident, ensuring high standards of customer service, maintaining safe protocols and able to think quickly to achieve professional results no mater the situation. Lesson 1: Introduction - What is dance studio administration? - Complete Checklist Lesson 2: Customer Service - Customer Service Pro - 10x steps to success - Keeping calm with difficult customers - How to build a brilliant reputation - Hit the refresh button Lesson 3: Numbers & Reporting - What is CRM? - Invoicing and cash flow management Lesson 4: Time Management - Top tips for mastering time management - To do lists that work for you - The habit loop Lesson 5: A Positive Workplace - Teamwork makes the dream work - Why inclusion matters Lesson 6: Safety in Dance - Your role in safety - Behaviour management in 3x steps - What to do in an emergency - Accidents Happen… - Parent Etiquette - What is separation anxiety? Lesson 7: Your role in review

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