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Assistant Dance Teaching - Ultimate Guide

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The CDM "Assistant Dance Teaching - Ultimate Guide" course is a must-have tool for dancers who want to learn the skills to become a more helpful and proactive assistant dance teacher. Students who take part in this course will learn exactly what attributes make up an incredible assistant dance teacher to ensure they have mastered the skills they need to one day become a professional dance instructor. This course is not specific to any particular dance style as all assistant dance teachers should have an understanding of leadership, class management and maturity to undertake this role. The CDM "Assistant Dance Teaching - Ultimate Guide" course will go through the following important topics to create a well rounded assistant teacher who is ready for any and all situations that may arise: Lesson 1: Assistant Dance Teaching - Expectations of an assistant teacher - Demonstrating - Offering your assistance and giving help - Helping to manage the class - Care of the dancers - Music and props - Your behaviour - Acting “Up” - Progress, goals and feedback Lesson 2: Think like a teacher - The key to a successful class - A positive atmosphere and inclusion - Online Presence Lesson 3: Safety in Dance - Creating a safe environment Lesson 4: Know what to do - Helping manage behaviour - What to do in an emergency - Accidents happen… - What is separation anxiety? Lesson 5: Reflection & Assessment - Reflection - Assessments

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