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The start of any new season is the perfect time to get your brand out there with one goal: To gain new, long term and loyal customers to your dance studio to grow your business and BOOST your profits!

You can certainly continue what you’ve been doing in the way of Facebook, Instagram & Google ads but are they really reaching your ideal target market? Think about it, you are looking for the following:

  • Local families with children in the exact location of your studio

  • Parents with Children who are interested in dance and are between the ages of 2-5years old

  • Families who are already searching for activities for their child to take part in that are close to home


With any service industry, potential customers are always going to go with a company that has a positive, local reputation, someone who they have potentially sampled their product previously and someone who has been recommended to them through word of mouth.

Use this form to gain instant access to our top tips that you can try right away to help boost your enquiries and set your studio up for it's greatest season to date! We talk about customer service a lot in the Creative Dance Method Program as it is the very best tool you have to grow, sustain and create a thriving studio!

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